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Breaking the barriers

Interpreters and translators from the Language Factory have been training and increasing their skills in order to assist public housing residents in many aspects of their lives.

They are assisting in many aspects of community life including providing assistance for drug and alcohol treatment and prevention, and for the community planning and consultation processes surrounding the Fitzroy and Richmond estate redevelopments.

Seniors Weekly Community Lunch

All community members over 50 years of age welcome.

Sharing together some soup, sandwiches & a cuppa……!!!

Defend Public Housing - Community Meetings

Two public housing meetings have been planned to discuss public housing at the Fitzroy and Richmound housing estates:

Fitzroy - 6pm Thursday  January 31st - Community room  at 140 Brunswick Street.

Richmond - 6pm Thursday Febuary 7th - Community Room at 110 Elizabeth Street.

For more infomration click here to download the infomation poster





NEW BANH Inc Website!

BANH Inc (Belgium Avenue and Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses) invites you to view our new-look BANH Inc website.


What: Community rally next week to stand up for public housing: stop the rent rises and protect our homes.
When: 12.30pm  Wednesday 18 July
Where: Steps of Parliament House, Spring Street, East Melbourne

Bring something to make a noise - pots, spoons, whistles, musical instruments, drums, your VOICE.


Recycling High Rise

An evaluation of a High Rise Recycling Project in Public Housing

An Attractive Area without illness

Fitzroy NYCH needs more funding to employ more GPs to serve the population that is growing rapidly.
The residents of Fitzroy have been experiencing difficulties when they would like to access the health services in North Yarra Community Health centre on 75 Brunswick Street because of the lack of GPs. This happens every day during the working hours and the lack of GPs in Victoria reflects on NYCH Fitzroy.

Federal MPs ignore DI

Infoxchange is committed to making information and communications technology more  available to all Australians – including low income earners. We have been disappointed digital inclusion has not been an issue in the federal election campaign. And so we decided to send a survey to each member of Federal Parliament, in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Starting Life Over From Zero

My name is Anna Tuong. This my story of escape from Vietnam. I was born in Vietnam (South Saigon ). I am from an educated, middle class family. I am one of 11 children and I am in the middle . When I was 17 I started studying dental nursing and I worked for my father who is a dentist.

فوق السور -- المستأجر الأخبار

من خلال النشرة الجدار يبقي المستأجرين فيكتوريا المساكن العامة حتى الآن مع أنباء عن مبادرات الإسكان ويوفر معلومات مهمة عن الحياة في المساكن الشعبية.
كوكبنا ، مكاننا

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